Engraving guide
All of our engraving is done by hand by award winning engravers who are at the top of their profession. The options for engraving are almost limitless and do contact us with any specific enquiries. Whilst we like to price each piece separately, below is a guide price for the more commonly engraved items:

Blank silver items

Silver bangle£190
Small circle pendant*£129
Small Pebble pendant*£105
Large Pebble pendant*£120
Rectangular tag pendant*£150
3mm court shaped ring£130
4mm court shaped ring£140
5mm court shaped ring£150
6mm court shaped ring£160

*Pendants include 16″ beaded, snake or trace chain


Small script writing£5.50 per chr
Roman numerals for pendant£15 per chr
Roman numerals for wide ring or bangle£18 per chr
Monograms (large/ornate lettering)£35 per chr
Cufflink fingerprints£130 each
Small pendant fingerprint£100 each
Large pendant fingerprint£150 each
3mm & 4mm ring fingerprint£130 each
5mm & 6mm ring fingerprint£160 each
Small signatures (cufflinks) £120 each

Remember to include dashes in your character count if not having diamonds

0.01ct (1.3mm) diamonds     £50 each
0.02ct (1.7mm) diamonds     £60 each
0.04ct (2.2mm) diamonds     £90 each

Silver circle pendant
A fabulous gift for any special occasion, this pendant can be engraved on the front and back with names, special dates in roman numerals, personal messages or even a combination of all three. And why not make it even more special by adding a diamond or two (£60 each).

Polished pebble pendants
The Polished Pebble Pendants come in three different sizes and can be engraved with an initial or a fingerprint. The extra large version has room to fit two small fingerprints in.

Traditionally a symbol of love, rings can also be engraved in a number of ways. Probably the most popular is our fingerprint rings – people like the idea of carrying their partner’s touch with them.

Usually our cufflinks are ordered with fingerprints or initials, but these ones were particularly personal. Here we have the date of the wedding around the outside, with the bride and groom’s initials in the centre. An excellent alternative might be initials and a date of birth for a christening present, or special birthday.